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Klinker Hildesheim

Dr. Theodor Praxis

LX Master

Innovative Dental Mirror


Founded in 1959 and headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, MIKRONA offer a long and strong tradition of accomplished quality in orthodontic and dental products and equipment.

Mikrona is a trusted and  dedicated partner for orthodontists, dentists and dental technicians. As a result, Mikrona products can be found in renowned orthodontic and dental practices all around the world through our partners and distributors in over 30 countries.

Orthora 200

The dentist chair

The most bespoke, compact & ergonomic dental chair on the market.

LX Master Mirror

Innovative Dental mirror

The upgraded dental mirror with integrated high-performance LED & HD Mirror.


Digital Orthodontics

The worlds first digital chair-side lingual retainer production.

Precision Lightning

Coming Soon

...coming soon

Migma 200

Alginate Mixer

The award-winning, premium alginate mixer which consistently produces flawless impression material.


Mikrona is a uniquely design-led brand in the field, allowing our customers more creativity to design the practice of their dreams.

At Mikrona, we understand that dental and orthodontic office design is a key element of your professional identity and the impression you leave on your clients. Beyond style, we are dedicated to offering our customers high-quality, efficient and innovative solutions. Our red dot award is evidence of our commitment to bringing both style & substance to your orthodontic or dental clinic.


CEO Fabio Fagagnini

“At MIKRONA, we are renowned for successfully combining functionality and aesthetics with precision in our products. With our latest launches we continue to bring the same legacy of high quality, design led, progressive products to our orthodontic practices & offices around the world.

Orthora 200 and Migma 200 continue to be widely celebrated in the market whilst our newest products are creating a buzz for their potential to change the way dental practices are run.

Retainer-hub is the first chair-side retainer production unit on the market whilst the Clean-hub is the most contemparary way of ensuring the highest of hygeine standards. LX Master mirror is a small but mighty upgrade to the humble dental mirror which can simplify the most complex of oral exams. 

With the LX Master mirror being the first of a series of light-centred products we will introduce onto the market, we are excited to share more innovations with you in 2023.”

What is the ICCO?

The Interdisciplinary Competence Center of Orthodontics (ICCO) is a global, independent, non-profit association of professionals in orthodontics and related disciplines headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.

It’s purpose is to drive progress in the field of orthodontics in order to improve the quality of life of patients.



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