Meet MIKRONA in Montreux and save!

MONTREUX & ZURICH, Switzerland: Founded in 1959, MIKRONA has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality orthodontic products unmatched in functionality and aesthetic appeal.

MONTREUX & ZURICH, Switzerland: Founded in 1959, MIKRONA has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality orthodontic products unmatched in functionality and aesthetic appeal. The company is based in Zurich, though it currently offers its products and services in more than 25 countries worldwide. At the upcoming European Orthodontic Society (EOS) Congress—to be held in the beautiful city of Montreux in Switzerland —MIKRONA will be offering attendees special discounts on its ORTHORA 200 treatment unit, Re.Formance working chairs and MIGMA 200 alginate.

“We are extremely excited to present Swiss dental excellence at this year’s EOS Congress right here in our home country,” says Fabio Fagagnini, CEO of MIKRONA TECHNOLOGIE AG. “MIKRONA has attended the EOS Congress for decades, as it gives us an opportunity to meet with current and future customers. We will be exhibiting our entire product range at an unbeatable price.”

MIKRONA – Excellence in design
MIKRONA is the European market leaders for orthodontic treatment units owing to the awardwinning ORTHORA 200. Made of durable and eye-catching materials, the ORTHORA 200 is available in a wide range of colours for its upholstery and frame, enabling practices to have flawless and individually designed equipment. As a special one-time offer, attendees of the EOS Congress will receive a 20 per cent discount on ORTHORA 200 upholstery.

MIKRONA’s position as a trendsetter is highlighted by the attention given to each customer’s specific needs. “We are the first manufacturer to offer an orthodontic treatment unit with a ceilingmounted LED light,” says Fagagnini. “The treatment unit is probably the most important piece of equipment in orthodontics. With this in mind, we manufacture every ORTHORA according to the needs of our customers.”

The ergonomic design of the ORTHORA 200 is another important contributor to the performance of the treatment unit. “The mobility of our unit and its highly adjustable parts ensure that it provides optimal access to each and every patient. We always aim to work in line with certain Swiss virtues: Simplicity, state-of-the-art design, and quality. The ORTHORA 200 delivers all of this and more,” says Fagagnini.

Endless customisability
The Re.Formance line of working chairs have been specifically developed to ensure correct seating and to prevent orthopaedic long-term damage. The three models have height-adjustable and rotatable seats, so that the clinicians are as comfortable as possible while treating their patients and focused on the task at hand. The Re.Formance line also comes in the same colours of the ORTHORA 200, and is available with a chrome base and foot plate control for adjusting the seat’s height.

MIKRONA is excited to announce that a new design of a saddle chair with an adjustable seat tilt will be shown at the EOS congress. In addition, EOS participants will enjoy a 10 per cent discount on all Re.Formance chairs.

MIGMA 200 – An emphasis on consistency
Regarded as the best mixing device on the market, the MIGMA 200 is an alginate mixer available in two versions: as a table-top or built-in model. MIGMA 200 offers highly precise and consistent impressions thanks to its bubble-free and homogenous impression material. A hygienic workflow with smooth operating is made possible by the technically superior functionality that the MIGMA 200 offers. Exclusively for Montreux, MIKRONA is offering a 10 per cent discount on the first MIGMA 200. 

Visit MIKRONA at the EOS Congress
MIKRONA welcomes all attendees of the EOS Congress to visit them at Stand 38. There, you can test the products on-site and discuss any questions you have with the team of dedicated and knowledgeable MIKRONA employees.


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