Successful treatment in a feel-good atmosphere

Sanjay Raval comes from a family of dentists and is an orthodontist with his own practice, which he founded two years ago after extensive conversion of the empty office space. In this interview, he spoke about his experience with the ORTHORA 200 treatment unit from Swiss company MIKRONA, as well as about the special features of a modern dental practice.

Mr Raval, why did you study dentistry in England?
I had already passed my A levels in England and it was the logical next step to study there too. Dental medicine studies at the University of Birmingham are very well structured, the courses are intensively supervised and practical experience is an integral part of the timetable. The strong clinical focus is evident in that students begin treating patients at the end of their fourth semester.

Was orthodontics love at first sight?
My path to orthodontics was probably somewhat different from that of most orthodontists. I did not enjoy orthodontics at university. As a student, one tends to treat patients only for a very short time and so seeing progress is difficult. When I started in Germany as an assistant dentist in a practice, I thought that it would certainly not hurt if I was also educated in orthodontics. So, I worked three days a week in a general dental practice and one day in an orthodontic practice and, for educational purposes, also one day of the week in the surgical ward. After a few months, I realised that I would like to focus on orthodontics.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Communication with my patients plays a significant role for me. My patients are mainly children and adolescents. Treatment of and the social interaction with these patients are very pleasant and refreshing, because they are usually always in a good mood. The radiance of the children and their parents makes me happy, especially when we look at the before and after photographs.

What did you pay attention to in your practice design?
Two years ago, I opened my practice, My Sunny Smile. Prior to the opening, the empty office rooms had to be converted into a dental practice. I placed great emphasis on an open-space design. This is because open-plan spaces reduce walking distances, and there is no sense of confinement for patients and practitioners. We incorporated glass doors in our overall design so that a great deal of natural light illuminates the corridor. Furthermore, our treatment rooms are not in the typical sterile white. We work with colours and pictures on the walls to create a feel-good atmosphere.

Orthodontists are spoilt for choice regarding treatment units. What did you decide on and why?
I chose the ORTHORA 200 treatment unit, because of its extremely straightforward design. Normally, all of the equipment is placed to the left of the cuspidor, but this is not the case with ORTHORA. As a result, the treatment chair does not appear bulky, because much is hidden under the chair and the high-quality aluminium and stainless-steel parts make the treatment unit hygienic. Other treatment units are often made of plastic, which is more easily broken. This begins to look shabby and must then be replaced. Furthermore, the ORTHORA’s timeless design can easily be matched with the other inventory.
MIKRONA’s treatment units are user-friendly for patients of all ages and for practitioners. The functions must be preset so that all necessary procedures can be performed. This is possible with the ORTHORA 200. I have even ordered two more treatment units. Our patients find the chairs very comfortable, since the upholstery is also thicker than most.

Thank you very much for the interview.

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