Preventative maintenance matters for othodontic units

SPREITENBACH, Switzerland: Imagine a normal, tightly scheduled day in your practice—and then that one of the treatment units fails. It is not only time and money that is lost, not to mention your frayed nerves; even your reliability as a practitioner could be questioned in the eyes of patients. Punctuality and reliability are among the qualities patients desire most in their dentist. In the worst case, you will have to wait one to two days for the unit to be repaired—valuable time that cannot be used to treat patients.

With its new preventative maintenance concept, however, Swiss company MIKRONA offers dentists peace of mind for their ORTHORA orthodontic treatment unit. “The maintenance plan is a new and important service to minimise downtime. No orthodontist should send patients home because the treatment unit is not usable,” said Fabio Fagagnini, CEO of MIKRONA. Preventative maintenance, in particular, considerably extends the service life, preserves the value of the unit and reduces operating costs.

Exceptional practitioner experience, patient satisfaction and low operating costs are the outcomes Mikrona aims to ensure through its maintenance plan. The user can choose between the Premium or Pro option. The Premium plan provides an annual comprehensive check and Pro covers a basic inspection every two years. Each customer receives a maintenance log, which can be integrated into a quality management system.

“If something goes wrong—and this rarely happens—the customer can first run a check himself or herself. Usability is an important aspect of our treatment unit,” said Fagagnini. The various cannulae, valves and sealing rings, and the foot guard can be replaced quickly owing to the maintenance concept. “It is about looking at the entire life cycle after purchase. This includes maintenance and rapid assistance in case of problems. We respond quickly, have very good dealer relations and are able to meet individual customer requirements,” explained Fagagnini.

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