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LX Master Mirror

The LX Master™ Mirror is the new and improved dental mirror;
an integrated high-performance LED and a perfectly clear, high-definition mirror to enhance oral check-ups and procedures. Not only does this combination illuminate what is usually obscured from view, it does so independently of any other light source. The result is a more concise, comfortable and faster examination.

Durable Mirror

Ultra bright coating,
high-definition and
colour neutral mirror

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Power Module

Rechargeable with magentic click fit and tap functionality. 120 minutes use from single charge

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A high color rendering index (CRI) of 94 mimics the clarity of sunlight, illuminating the oral cavity with light that accurately reflects colors for soft and hard tissue diagnosis.

Fiber Optic

High-performance LED with fiber optics

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The MicroBeam Day with high-power LED emits white and colour-neutral daylight in the oral cavity. The MicroBeam UV facilitates the identification of fluorescent adhesive residues or plastic fillings. When working with light-curing polymers, the MicroBeam CureSafe enables illumination of the oral cavity during bonding of e.g. retainers.

3D View


The LX Master™ Mirror provides total control over your practice and personal workflow thanks to its versatile modular design. Cleaning is quick and easy; remove the MicroBeam for disinfection, autoclave the handle - then get back to work in no time with a clean mirror that only takes seconds to replace.


Choose from a Starter Kit which includes everything you need to get set up as a
LX Master™ Mirror Clinic. Or expand your collection with additional Handset Kits or multi packs in order to have a LX Master™ Mirror available for exams throughout your day whilst ensuring the highest levels of hygiene.