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OT200 Maintenance Plan

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MIGMA 200 Repair

ORTHORA 200 Maintenance Plan

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Visual inspection of the unit

A certified expert visits your medical practice to inspect the ORTHORA 200 on site.

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MIKRONA checklist

All functions are checked for performance, step by step, using a detailed checklist.

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MIKRONA maintenance plan

Key components and those subject to regular wear and tear are replaced according to the MIKRONA maintenance plan.

Safety inspections

Safety inspections

We recommend a periodic inspection specific to your country in accordance with DIN 62353.

Maintenance Kits

Premium Maintenance

  • Top service: comprehensive inspections and maintenance
  • 4-year maintenance plan
  • Annual inspection and check with a yearly basic kit in each case

Pro Maintenance

  • Alternative economy option: basic inspections
  • 4-year maintenance plan
  • One check with maintenance kit in years 2 and 4

Why a MIKRONA Maintenance Plan

Minimize downtime

Opt for a periodic service, giving you the assurance that you can dedicate yourself to your patients without any unwanted incidents.

Protect your investment

Make an essential contribution towards protecting your investment in practice equipment by taking out our maintenance plan.

Customer satisfaction

Efficient workflows increase the satisfaction of your patients and firmly establish a positive customer relationship.

Operating costs

Plan your incidental operating costs in advance with the MIKRONA maintenance kit developed specifically for the product.

Original parts

You are guaranteed that only original parts are used for the maintenance of your product.

Quality management

Integrate the detailed maintenance log easily into the quality management system for your practice.

Upholstery for ORTHORA 200

Upholstered parts are subjected to high stress every day, such as changing patients, clothing accessories, hair gel or disinfectants. Therefore, you have to ensure that the upholstery is changed regularly.
The MIKRONA upholstery collection currently comes in a range of 26 fashionable colors. Breathe new life into your practice with new upholstery.

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MIGMA 200 Repair

MIKRONA can provide a service for repairing the MIGMA 200 directly in the factory.

Procedure for repairs

If a repair is needed, you can find the service addresses on our contact page.
You'll need to download the following delivery notes:

“Singen” for repairs within the EU
Download PDF >

“Schlieren” for repairs within Switzerland, for EFTA member states or countries outside of Europe
Download PDF >

Then send in the defective appliance.

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