Hero OT200


Compact, intuitive, ergonomic design: the ORTHORA 200 is Europe’s most successful orthodontic treatment unit and an essential piece of equipment for every modern orthodontic practice. Durable materials and optional additional components make the ORTHORA 200 the ultimate assistant for carrying out examinations and treatments. Personal taste dictates the choice of upholstery and frame – with a wide range of colors available, you can create your own individual combination.

Slim Profile

Ease of use and

Orthora 200 true button

Lean Design

ORTHORA 200 was developed with the widest variety of treatment positions. The lean design brings lightness to the practice design while ensuring maximum freedom of movement and healthy working posture for the practitioner.

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Pedal Box

Customise your
pedal layout

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Bespoke Function

Don't look for the controls, they're always there when you need them. You can assign the pedals with different functions according to your wishes, we are happy to help you with the selection.

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Seamless Upholstery

The upholstery has no stitches, deep indentations or folds, so that upholstery cleaning can be carried out quickly and reliably.

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Seamless Stitching

Easy to clean and

Seamless stiching 1

Fully Flat Bed

Lie flat mode unique to ORTHORA 200

Fully flat bed 1 button

Universal Function

The low entry position of 75 cm makes it universal for all patients. The backrest tilt instantly and automatically provides balanced support for all patients, regardless of their body size.


Custom-made unit to suit the practicioner, function and/or clinic. Stream-line workflows and clinics with units bespoke to needs: no more and no less. For more information on the modules below or any further customisations, please contact us. 


Please use a tablet screen or greater to view the XR configurator.

Pre-Configured Bestsellers

Drawing on MIKRONA’s decades of experience in configuring units for the most premium practices & clinics worldwide, these units are set up to suit most professionals in the field.

Colour Configurator

ORTHORA 200 stands out from the crowd with its impeccable design, exceptional quality and unlimited individualization opportunities. Its dynamic colour palette invites you to express yourself in creating an atmosphere perfectly suited to your personal style. Additionally, the removable upholstery requires no tools for exchange which allows quick transformation between aesthetics when necessary.

please use a tablet or greater to view the XR configurator.

Best Selling Colours

MIKRONA is the only manufacturer in the world to offer bespoke painted treatment units to complement the branding and design of any practice. The base of the unit, the base of the bed and the upholstery can all be produced in the colour of your choice. With almost 1.5 million colour combinations, the possibilities are practically endless.

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