Interview: Trendsetting AMRUM orthodontic treatment unit goes global

MIKRONA is known for its ORTHORA 200 dental unit and MIGMA 200 alginate mixer. Founded in 1959, the Swiss company has successfully combined functionality and aesthetics with precision in its products. Just in time for the new season, the limited ORTHORA AMRUM edition, named after a beautiful island in northern Germany, is a response to the orthodontist’s desire for the latest colour trends. Dental Tribune

International met CEO Fabio Fagagnini at the 2017 International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne to speak about the stylish unit.

Mr Fagagnini, what new products have you brought to IDS 2017?
Fabio Fagagnini: Besides our MIGMA, MIKRONA has focused mainly on orthodontic treatment units, based on long-standing engagement with our clients. Our aim is to develop extravagant and high-quality chairs. That is why we are introducing the season edition, AMRUM. The design of AMRUM is a prime example of our product portfolio and a result of continuous development.

We are also the first manufacturer to offer an orthodontic treatment unit with a ceiling-mounted LED light. It perfectly integrates into the overall concept and the light can be turned on or off with the unit. The light is recommended for a room height of up to 2.7 m and the area of illumination can be adjusted with a pedal on the unit. The ORTHORA 200 with the integrated LED light meets our clients’ needs and the replacement of halogen with LED keeps the unit up to date.

What are your plans regarding the growth of MIKRONA internationally?
MIKRONA is currently focusing on Europe, but we are also spreading our wings globally. We want to revitalise our presence in the US. China is a new and strong partner on the market and we just recently gained Peking University as a client. We are excited about the upcoming projects on our agenda.

At present, we are engaged in a pilot project: a refurbished line. We repurchase old ORTHORA 200 chairs and refurbish the chairs’ hygiene parts, update them with LED technology and replace the upholstery. The project reflects the sustainability principles of our organisation and enables us to offer a solution for clients with limited financial resources, such as graduates who plan to start up their own practices.

What design can orthodontists expect regarding the AMRUM?
Over the last several years, dentists have become more aware of state-of-the-art design. The AMRUM season edition is another elegant variety of our plain-coloured orthodontic treatment units. The upholstery is available in a white memory foam version and the cream faux-wood design blends in perfectly with the overall aesthetics. The season edition is part of our ORTHORA 200 product line, which won the prestigious Red Dot Award in Product Design. Our season editions are for those orthodontists who want to bring a modern style to the workplace.

How is the ergonomics of the ORTHORA 200 integrated into the whole concept?
The ORTHORA’s outstanding ergonomics ensure optimum results. For example, the backrest can be set from upright to any desired position, while the chair height is freely adjustable to the lowest working position is 58 cm above the floor. Perfect treatment is enabled with the connected technology, allowing the dentist to work from the right or the left with unimpeded access to the patient’s head on all sides. The headrest can be detached and its angle is adjustable. The compactness of the chairs ensures that adolescents and children can be treated easily. 

Another focus is the integration of the instruments. The modular options can be expanded over the life cycle of the treatment unit. The LED technology, suction components and electronics are state of the art.

Thank you very much for the interview.

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