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RetainerHub PRO

RetainerHub™ PRO is a world first in digital orthodontics which brings lingual retainer production chair-side. With the RetainerHub™ PRO, creating and sending impressions and master models is a thing of the past. The full potential of intraoral data can be utilised and retainer production can be fully delegated to the practice team.


RetainerHub™ PRO fits on any sideboard

retainerhub left


The delivery of the finished
retainer is facilitated by
an ergonomic output tray,
no need for tweezers

retainerhub top right


With chair-side retainer
production retainers can be created and
inserted in one session
instead of two

retainerhub bot right


The world's first automatic bending system,
brings production of retainers in-house

retainerhub example

Wire Selection

Choose the retainer wire
cross-section you use most,
flat or round

FixR Video

After the STL data of the intraoral scan has been read in and the virtual design proposal has been checked and optimised, click on "Bend". A few minutes later, you’ll find the finished retainer in the ergonomically shaped output tray of the RetainerHub™ ready for fixation. The creation and sending of impressions and master models is now a thing of the past.

HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video

Colour Ways

Mikrona is the only manufacturer in the world to offer bespoke painted treatment units to complement the branding and design of any practice. The RetainerHub™ is available in 4 colour ways to further customise the style of your practice. 

Technical Data

& Wire Types

RetainerHub Specs

3D View



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